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Welcome to Lake Cichlid Company LTD.







Worldwide Export of Lake Tanganyika fish caught and selected by experienced teams.



Soon we are able to offer sea breed of different selected fish as the projekt with large bassins are ready.

In this project the plan is if a close to extinct variation, letting out 50% of the fry in the acual location again

and 50% for export.

We are a newer established company but with experienced people. We are placed few meters from the actual Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma in a private inclosed property.

Very soon we will also be able to offer accommodation inside the property, the rooms are under renovation and will end up with a clean nice standard and can be hired for a reasonable price. We can also provide guided tours at the lake with English speaking people.



If you are a importer be free to contact us for stock list or questions.




No sale to private



Info coming.

Info coming.









The site still under construction and more will be added in time.

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